Hi! I would like to share with you my personal journey. From a very young age I had to quickly learn to deal with loss. When I was 6 years oId my mother tragically passed away due to a mental illness condition, which was very hard for me. During that time, my dad was also going through his own health challenges and underwent an operation to remove 6 inches of his intestines. After the operation, it was imperative that he was careful with what he ate. I remember acting as his food police at every gathering or event we would attend. I wanted to ensure that the food available was good for him to eat, as I knew, if he didn’t eat well he could get sick again! That's when I first realized the impact of food! 

As I progressed into my teenage years, I was trying to break out of my shell and gain self confidence. I took up modelling at 13 years of age, and when I was 19, went to school for aesthetics. I pushed further and eventually gravitated into makeup artistry. With this passion for beauty and well being, I decided wanted to help women feel empowered about themselves and support them through my work as an aesthetician and makeup artist. I dove in and pursued this goal, but as I got older I felt like there was something missing, I mean, it was great to make someone look and feel good with make-up and good skin, but was it a lasting feeling for them? I asked myself this question repeatedly and the same answer would always surface, No! I just knew that without a strong healthy foundation everything else was superficial. 

A few years ago I started to reflect on my life experiences. The loss of my mother, the sudden change in my dad’s health, all the while trying to find myself. I knew that there was a message in there somewhere. I realized how fragile life was, and now being a wife and a mother of three, it was clear that my choices moving forward will have a much deeper impact.

The one thing I know about life is that we can't control it, but what we do have, is the power of choice. I now choose to live a lifestyle that supports mental, physical and emotional health.

The fulfilment of personal growth and healthy choices fuelled me to pursue my journey. I am now certified Integrative Health Coach and Professional Co-Active Coach. I am so grateful to have found my calling as I know I am doing what I can do to guide myself, my family and others to a healthier and fulfilled life.


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