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Join our community! Together, we support each other and empower ourselves! Gesso is your creative hub, its your place where you can lean into to get recharged and gain personal and professional insights.



Andrea Savard
Owner of Reebok CrossFit FirePower

 “I found Isabelle’s sessions initially hard for me to open up, but eventually she uncovered some key elements about myself that I had been hiding and not sharing with anyone! Things that will change the trajectory of my development over the next 3-5 years in a great way”



Certified Personal Leadership Coach

My purpose is to ignite the energy within you, empower you to design your life filled with vitality.

I believe in creating an impactful life, and in doing so we must take responsibility for our lives, to become the best role model, parent, and leader we can be.

It all starts from within. Nothing lives in isolation; everything in life is connected.

Living a full life with vitality means that we own who we are, we get to create our own formula and road map. The beauty in all of this - our answers lie within us.

Let's dive in together, and explore your power. We have one life, let's make it count! 



Gesso is a primer used by an artist to set a foundation for their masterpiece.

At Gesso Lifestyle we work together with our clients to co-create their personal and professional foundations by claiming Self Authority as a leader of your life. 



To live life from inside out rather than outside in.

  • Gain clarity of purpose

  • Boosts self-confidence and self awareness

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Having an accountability partner who believes in you

  • Supports a healthier vibrant lifestyle

  • Overcome fears and limiting beliefs

  • Energizes you to achieve your goals

  • Gives you the power to gain control of your life - putting yourself first

  • Increases motivation and hunger to persevere

  • Better connection with body, mind and soul

  • Learn to listen to your body's messages

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  • Empowers individuals to take responsibility

  • Increases employee and staff engagement

  • Improves individual performance

  • Helps identify and develop high potential employees

  • Helps identify both organizational and individual strengths and development opportunities

  • Improves relationships between people and departments

  • Enhanced organizational performance

  • Positively affect organizational culture

  • Improved employee morale, more committed employees, resulting greater productivity

  • Reduce turnover and retain top performing talent

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