• Isabelle Labbe

Breathe, Believe, Courage, Create

Breathe, Believe, Courage, Create = Love

This equation expresses the meaning of being alive for me. As human beings, we tend to forget what the underlying purpose of life is. Most of us live life in the fog and are afraid to live fully awake. It's like we're living life as though we are sleepwalking trying to please everyone else except ourselves, leaving us feeling like we don't belong or that we are not enough.

Isn't it scary to think about it this way? The truth is that we are wired and domesticated to fit in. It's the mirror that we look at every day. We are so wired to think we must fit into the box of perfection, that to think of life otherwise, seems like a fantasy world or that it's just not realistic.

No wonder we are losing the humanity in our world. We are living every day under other people's rules and expectations. We are living life on empty, trying to survive. No wonder we are losing our creativity, our sense of belonging and most importantly, our voice!!

How often do you stop yourself and realize that,"Wow, I haven't been fully breathing" and then when you do take in a full breath, it feels so enjoyable and calming, right? We are so disconnected from our being and searching to be loved when the truth is that it must start with self-love. So, breath in your being, believe in yourself, be courageous in your journey, create your world and give yourself to love.

With Passion,


Breath, Believe, Courage, Create = Love.

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